PACKAGE NAME: kwakd-0.5-x86_64-1_slonly.txz PACKAGE MIRROR: PACKAGE LOCATION: ./network/kwakd PACKAGE SIZE (compressed): 8 K PACKAGE SIZE (uncompressed): 30 K PACKAGE REQUIRED: PACKAGE CONFLICTS: PACKAGE SUGGESTS: PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: kwakd: kwakd (web server) kwakd: kwakd: Kwakd is a very small foot print web server written in C that serves kwakd: blank html pages for any request. The request can be arbitrary, may kwakd: even be invalid, but only its first line will be read and the kwakd: response will be the same: blank page consisting of " ". kwakd: It is quite easy to change the response to whatever you like though. kwakd: Kwakd can be handy if you want to intercept traffic from your client kwakd: (web browser for example) to annoying sites and direct all kwakd: such traffic to your local machine. kwakd: