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SlackOnly is a third party software repository for Slackware Linux that provides binary packages built from build scripts. The goal is to enable users to install any package from using pre-compiled binary packages. SlackOnly packages contain Metadata that provides dependency information to package managers that have the ability to read such information. SlackOnly assumes that its users are running a full installation of Slackware Linux prior to use.

SlackOnly supports the following Slackware releases and architectures:

SlackOnly is licensed under the MIT License (MIT) for more information, see the full text of the MIT license.

How to use SlackOnly:
There is a variety of package managers that will enable you to use SlackOnly on your Slackware installation.

  • slackpkg with the slackpkg+ extension
  • slpkg
  • slapt-get and the gslapt GUI

You can find more informations in the README

Credit and Thanks:
A special thanks goes out to all the listed individuals, maintainers, contributors and developers. Without all of you SlackOnly would not be possible.

Panagiotis Nikolaou hostmaster -at- slackonly -dot- com

  • Slackware┬« is a Registered Trademark of Patrick Volkerding.
  • Linux is a Registered Trademark of Linus Torvalds.

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